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Madeline McLaughlin

Madeline McLaughlin

A political science major and history minor, Madeline is on the UM Chancellor’s Honor Roll. She has had extensive volunteer and community service experience, including youth counselor at Camp Hopewell, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Clean Earth Committee, and assistance with Cookeville tornado victims.


Why did you choose to attend UM?
I chose to attend the University of Mississippi because it was the perfect distance from home yet still feels like home, and I was infatuated with the beautiful campus.

When and why did you choose your major(s)/minors?
I chose to become a political science major and history minor at the beginning of sophomore year because I loved my introductory classes I took freshman year for both political science and history, and I soon realized that it was the perfect fit for me as I now intend to go to law school.

What are your career goals?
Get accepted into law school and graduate. Pass the Bar Exam and any other requirements. Practice either environmental or medical law (still undecided).

Is there a professor who has been particularly helpful to you?
I took my first political science law course with Dr. Chuck Smith spring semester of 2020 when COVID-19 began. He made the chaotic shift to completely online courses with such ease and was constantly available for us not only as a professor, but a listening ear in such times of crisis. He gave me hope, and helped me to realize that even though our worlds were turned upside down that we would get through this change. In addition, Dr. Smith helped me realize that I wanted to pursue a career in law.

What has been a particularly meaningful way you have engaged in a community – either on or off-campus?
I got to participate in the CARE Walk freshman and sophomore year here at Ole Miss. It was extremely moving to see hundreds of people in pink flooding the campus streets to spread breast cancer awareness, as I have several family members and friends whose lives were impacted by the terrible disease. I am a huge advocate for breast cancer awareness, research, and early detection and I’m so thankful to attend a school that supports such an important cause and to study alongside so many peers who do as well.

What do you like to do outside of school (hobbies, interests)?
I love being outdoors: hiking, camping, playing soccer, fishing, adventuring. I also love to paint, knit, travel, listen to music and spend quality time with my friends.

What is your favorite place to eat in Oxford?
Saint Leo, Handy Andy’s, and the Blind Pig.