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Department of Political Science
University of Mississippi

Featured Publications

Catch me if you care: International development organizations and national corruption

Authors Authors and affiliations Lauren L. Ferry Emilie M. Hafner-Burton Christina J. Schneider The Review of International Organizations publishes original scientific contributions in the entire field of political economy, with a focus on the policies and structure of international organizations, such as the WTO, World Bank, NATO, WHO, the European Court of Human Rights, and the UN. The journal includes studies based on […]

A Tale of Two Democrats: How Authoritarianism Divides the Democratic Party

Authors: Julie Wronski, Alexa Bankert, Karyn Amira, April A. Johnson, Lindsey C. Levitan   Abstract: Authoritarianism has been predominantly used in American politics as a predictor of Republican identification and conservative policy preferences. We argue that this approach has neglected the role authoritarianism plays among Democrats and how it can operate within political parties regardless of […]

Dimensions of Blackness: Racial Identity and Political Beliefs

Jas M. Sullivan – Author Jonathan Winburn – Author William E. Cross Jr. – Author SUNY series in African American Studies A multidimensional perspective captures the complexities of African American racial identity.While the dynamics of racial oppression limit the range of attitudes blacks may construct and hold, their basic humanity introduces additional attitudinal variance that […]

More than a Feeling: Personality, Polarization, and the Transformation of the US Congress

ADAM J. RAMEY, JONATHAN D. KLINGLER, AND GARY E. HOLLIBAUGH JR. Chicago Press, 2017 Whatever you think about the widening divide between Democrats and Republicans, ideological differences do not explain why politicians from the same parties, who share the same goals and policy preferences, often argue fiercely about how best to attain them. This perplexing misalignment suggests that […]

One Tribe to Bind Them All: How Our Social Group Attachments Strengthen Partisanship

Lilliana Mason Julie Wronski First published: 13 February 2018 Sections PDF “Social sorting” is a concept used by Mason (2016) to explain the process by which individuals’ social identities grow increasingly aligned with a partisan identity, reducing social cross‐pressures on political behavior. Roccas and Brewer (2002) have found that individuals who feel fewer cross‐pressures more […]

Unhealthy Politics: The Battle Over Evidence-Based Medicine

By Eric M. Patashnik, Alan S. Gerber, and Conor M. Dowling, associate professor of political science Princeton University Press, 2017 How partisanship, polarization, and medical authority stand in the way of evidence-based medicine The U.S. medical system is touted as the most advanced in the world, yet many common treatments are not based on sound […]

Super PAC!: Money, Elections, and Voters after Citizens United (Routledge Research in American Politics and Governance)

by Conor M. Dowling (Author), Michael G. Miller (Author) Recent federal court activity has dramatically changed the regulatory environment of campaign finance in the United States. Since 2010, the judiciary has decided that corporations and labor unions may freely spend in American elections, and that so-called “Super PACs” can accept unlimited contributions from private citizens […]

Tightening the Belt: Austerity and Alliance Formation

by Matthew DiGiuseppe

Questions of Performance: Economics, Corruption, Crime, and Life Satisfaction in the Americas

by Gregory J. Love

Biased or not? Organized Interests and the Case of EU Food Information Labeling

by Alice Cooper