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Department of Political Science
University of Mississippi

Academic Advising


Freshmen in Political Science are advised by the Academic Support Center, while students in and beyond their second year are advised by the department.  Each student has an advisor and a faculty mentor, and students are free to visit either.  You will need to plan a visit with one of your advisors before registration begins for the coming term.  When you visit, your advisor or mentor will lift you advisor hold, permitting you to access classes for the coming semester.

As your plans develop during your years in the department, we encourage you to talk with your faculty mentor and your advisor.  They can help you make the best choices for your desired outcome.  It is also especially important to review your degree status very early in your senior year (see below). Experience has shown us that these are the times when students are most likely to be making decisions critical to their graduation, and a timely review of these decisions can be quite helpful in avoiding mistakes.

Dr. Sue Ann Skipworth, Undergraduate Academic Advisor
138 Deupree | Phone: 915-5407 |