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Department of Political Science
University of Mississippi

Faculty in the News: Commentary on Russia

Susan Hannah Allen

Susan Hannah Allen, associate professor of political science

May 23, 2022

Susan Hannah Allen, associate professor of political science at the University of Mississippi, was asked to write for Nature on the impacts and implications of sanctions on Russia.

“The uncertain impact of sanctions on Russia In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a broad swathe of countries have imposed a bevy of sanctions aimed at Vladimir Putin and his supporters. However, the future success of sanctions in curbing Russian aggression is unclear and, despite being targeted, they may harm average Russian individuals and affect prices worldwide.”

The Nature Human Behaviour journal’s mission is to strengthen the reach and impact of human behaviour research in directly addressing our most pressing social challenges.

In her research, Dr. Allen explores economic sanctions and air power. Different projects contribute to scholarship on international institutions (particularly the United Nations), interactions between national governments and opposition groups, the human consequences of military and economic conflict, and political methodology. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in international relations.